Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Baby doctor update

Another visit to the doctor today.

1. Rae has no nasty blood-based vileness that would harm her or himer. (So the daddy must not be a rock star.)
2. She got to hear himer's heartbeat again. (Which she is still excited about.)
3. She learned how to test her pee for protien and sugar. (When do we stop with the pee tests?)
4. She can take Tylenol. (Which makes me very happy to learn.)
5. She actually lost weight. (Bonus.)
6. Morning sickness should start to taper off soon. (Extra double bonus.)
7. Which should lead to her gaining more weight. (I doubt she's thrilled about that one.)

More news as it breaks.

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Connie Ignatiou said...

Hi Guys! Today I caught up on all your blogging. sounds like quite an adventure! congrats again.