Saturday, May 20, 2006

A taste of things to come

So I'm lying in bed this morning trying to sleep while crammed inbetween Rae on one side, two dogs on the other and a cat on top. It's Saturday - a little sleep isn't too much to ask for is it? So as I roll over, trying to get comfortable I notice things are a bit damp.


It wasn't there 10 minutes ago when I got up to go to the bathroom. And it wasn't a spiteful "You made me upset, so I'm going to pee where you sleep" - since he was still laying in the puddle. No, this was "I'm tired and I didn't notice I was urinating everywhere."

*SIGH* I thought I had my dogs potty trained. What are we going to do when it comes time train the kid? Obviously we're not very good at it.

Oh well, s/he'll have plenty of time in diapers to help us figure it out I guess.

Now, do they sell diapers for dogs?

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