Thursday, May 18, 2006

Month four brings ...

Rae was reading this magazine she brought back from the doctor detailing everything that is happening to the kid week by week.

We're starting month four, which brings some interesting changes. My child is growing a neck, which is always useful. Fingers and toes are also popping up – so no more flippers. Ears are developing – but only the inner ear. The outer ear comes later. But now s/he can hear - which means s/he can officially start ignoring me. (It's that selective hearing that runs in the Rice family.)

But the most interesting development?

My child has see-through skin. Yes. SEE-THROUGH SKIN. Like some bad sci-fi movie from the 60s. You can see hiser's bones and everything. Now what if s/he stays like that? While uncomfortable during childhood, it could prove to be quite lucrative later in life.

S/he could be a circus freak. Or think of the advantages s/he would have as a biology teacher. (A real, live Visible Wo/Man.) I bet s/he would be a hit on the talk show circuit.

But, I wonder if having see-through skin makes you more susceptible to sunlight? That could be a problem here in Arizona.

Hmmm. I hope s/he outgrows it.

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