Friday, May 26, 2006

More names that won't work

A name is a tricky thing - since people tend to grow into them (or fight to become the opposite). Name a boy James and ... well, most of you know how my brother turned out. Name a girl Chastity and ... well, you get the town bicycle.

We've decided to try and avoid names that create great expectations. We'd hate to give himmer an inferiority complex before s/he's had a chance to earn it.

So here's the beginning of the list of great guys:

Mike (I'd hate for anyone to have to live up to me.)
Alexander (When your last name IS Great it's hard for anyone to catch up.)
Wayne (The Great One.)
Mahatma (A name like this inspires playground beat-downs. And the non-violent tendencies would just make it worse.)
Frank (If you'd ever met Frank, you'd know why.)
Mario (But Luigi is still OK as no one admires that guy.)
Noah (Basically, we just feel we have enough pets.)
Moses (We're afraid he'd get lost in the desert.)
Jesus Christ (We just don't like how this sounds with Rice.)

And for girls:

Yeah - I've got nothing. Girl's names just aren't as funny.

1 comment:

Asta said...

You could go with "Andreas" for a boy - there won't be any great expectations of that one! ;-)

I pretty much like names, that also work in different languages. What about "Isabel" for a girl? I also like "Emma", "Emely" and "Susan"....
Don't blame me, if you don't like those names at all, because I'm a person who named his hamster "toaster" - So what do I know about names? :-)