Monday, May 22, 2006

Notes for dads to be?

So a friend gave Rae a book about what to expect when you are expecting. (I'm not being clever, that's the title of the book - or close to it. I can't remember exactly and I'm too lazy to go in the other room and see what it's really called. That took a lot longer to explain than I thought it would. And it looks like I'm tired enough to carry this on for a while. A möose once bit my sister ... )

But anyway, this book has a section "for the dads." I know Rae has been reading this book - and I know she's been getting a lot out of it - so I hope the person who was kind enough to buy the book for her won't take it personally when I say that the chapter for dads was the most worthless piece of (I'd say something naughty here but G'ma checks in every now and then) that I have ever read. Twenty some odd pages of a waste of time.

Stuff like "Will my relationship with my wife change?" Well, duh. Did you think you'd have a kid and everything would be the same? It's not like buying a new pair of pants. (Though buying a new pair of pants could have an affect on your relationship. Say you bought a pair of pants for your wife - but you bought them three sizes too big. Now your wife thinks that you think that she is a fatty. Not too good for the relationship. But that's easily fixed - just fake temporary blindless and take the pants back. Then return with the proper size AND ice cream. She'll be happy her pants fit and the ice cream tells her you think she could stand to put on a few pounds.)

I seem to have gotten off topic again. Maybe it's for the best. I don't know where this was going anyway?

Where? Albuquerque? No, sorry, wrong state.

Jeez, I need to go to bed.

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