Monday, May 08, 2006

Home again, home again ...

Two posts, back to back. Can you handle it?

So we just returned from our whirlwind tour of Illinois (and a corner of Indiana.) The highlight of the trip (other than visiting with whoever happens to be reading this right now) was visiting with our almost-six-month-old niece Bailey. As I haven't been around a kid that young for a while, this was a bit of Baby 101 for me. Luckily, I avoided changing any diapers ...

1. If you're going to have a baby - may s/he be as well mannered as Bailey. The kid doesn't cry. Much.
2. When she does cry - look out. Kid's got a set of lungs.
3. We're going to need a lot of bibs.
4. And a couple of changes of clothes.
5. Babies are cute when they poop. They get all squishy faced and red - but the end result? Not so cute.
6. Babies cry when they are tired. But if you try to put them to sleep - they cry more.
7. Babies like to grab stuff. Remember to shave.
8. And while you are at it - trim their nails.
9. And speaking of grabbing things. If they have it, it's in the mouth. Which means it's gonna be really wet.
10. Need more bibs.

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