Tuesday, May 23, 2006


So Rae and I are still throwing around names that we like (and throwing out a lot of names that we hate.)
Help us out. See that "comment" link down there? Use it.
Give us a name for both a boy and a girl.
Winner (that is if any of you can beat the names we've established as the front runners) will get something amazing from the "what's on my desk right now that I don't want anymore" grab bag.

And I've got some pretty cool schwag on my desk right now.

So get to it. Post those ideas. If you read this and don't contribute - it means you hate my unborn son/daughter. And what did my unborn son/daughter ever do to you to deserve so much hate?


Dave said...

How about Excelsior? Could work either way!

vized06 said...

Maybe as a middle name.

Carla said...

I like Wyatt for a guy... rugged, and fun.

But for a girl you can get more creative... like:
- Saffron
- Jasmine
- Biensan

But of course my favorite name, which I'll share since I'm not expecting to expect, is:
Si'an Ka'an

The Better Looking of your Younger Brothers said...

Rainbow Starbeam works either way, guy or girl.

Or name it Starshine. Then, each morning you could sing that song, "Good morning Starshine. The earth says, 'hello'..." Good times.

And if you named it Saffron I'd probably be humming Mellow Yellow whenever I visited you.

becky said...

How about Aloysius?

maggie said...

For a girl:

Hannah Margaret

or Margaret Claire

(Actually, Hannah Claire is a favorite of mine, as is Samantha Jane.)

For a boy:

Glenn Margaret (do I sense a trend?)

or Samuel Patrick.

or Matthew Aidan. (But we'll call him Thew. No, I am not kidding.)