Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Baby day is here ... kinda

Well, the clock has counted down and Kaylee is still hanging out. Contractions were getting pretty heavy there for a while – but all but stopped after Thanksgiving. I've got a couple of theories on all this:
  • Turkey coma. Rae ate a lot of turkey. And we all know that anything she ingests is also ingested by the kid. Perhaps she's still sleeping off all the tryptophan. (Not likely, cause she's still kicking up a storm.)
  • She's comfy. She could get this from her old man. She's all curled up in a ball. It's warm and nice. She knows she's supposed to get up - but it's soooo comfortable where she is. I've had many a morning like this – granted I'm usually in a bed with warm sheets and not in a uterus floating in my own urine.
  • She's lazy. She could also get this from me. There are some days that no matter how much you have to do, you just can't get off the couch. But this usually comes after a long week at work – and she's just been lying around for months.
Whatever it is, she'd better not get too used to her surroundings. Rae's got an appointment with the ABD in the morning where we should be scheduling an induction.

I'm not sure about the specifics of the medical procedure – but I hear it involves a car battery and some modified jumper cables.


Anonymous said...

When Kaylee was formed, Republicans ruled Congress.
When Kaylee is born, Democrats rule Congress.

Yep, she's been in there a while!

auwnt maggie said...

Since I have a job (okay, starting in January, but still...) I can schedule a springtime visit! Can't wait to hold the little bugger. And Kaylee, too!