Thursday, November 16, 2006

Going well

Not much to report from the BDM. Rae put on a whole pound this week - I'm sure she was happy to hear that. BDM says Rae is making some progress – but she's not expecting Kaylee's arrival too soon. She estimated that Rae will go right up to her due date. Give or take a day.

Sorry I'm not more entertaining. Too tired to make any jokes. Maybe this weekend.

Must sleep.

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becky said...

can i be cliche and say, you don't know what tired is yet!! hehe, i hated when ppl said this to me and so far it hasn't been true...i have been this tired before and it isn't that big of a deal. hopefully kaylee will be like alice and eat on a schedule from day 1 and of course it helps now that she's sleeping long stretches at night.

rach, if i don't tell you before then good luck with labor and delivery! hopefully it will go smoothly and fast!

love you guys.