Sunday, November 19, 2006

One more big event down ...

Well, Rae managed to make it through her Maid (Matron) of Honor duties this weekend without dropping Kaylee in the middle of the ceremony. It was the running joke of the weekend. Though Rae was concerned for a bit - during the reception her contractions started to get pretty regular. But then slowed down again after we got home.

It was quite funny to watch Rae walk down the aisle and hear whispers of "She's due to pop any day now ..." from the peanut gallery.

Now we're just hoping Rae can keep her knees together long enough for Mel to get back from her honeymoon. Rae really wants to have someone other than me around – and I want someone around who can run to Subway for me while Rae's in her eighth hour of labor.

Speaking of deliveries – we packed up the diaper bag we're taking to the delivery room with us. Everything Kaylee will need to come home and then some is ready to go. We've also got all of our needs written down so I can throw another bag together when we're ready to go.

I'm not going to pack my toothbrush for what could be the next two weeks. I'm sure everyone around me on a daily basis will be thankful to hear that.

Next baby doctor update comes Wednesday ... unless Kaylee comes sooner.

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