Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Due Day +1

OK - sorry to get all your hopes up. I bet that since I didn't post anything all day you thought we had gone to the hospital. Not so much. It's just that the ABD appointment was in the late morning and then I had a full day at work.

Enough rambling Mike, tell us what's up!

Eh, not much I'm afraid. ABD says exactly what we've been hearing all along. "Could be any day, but things look good." Which is better than saying, We have some bad news. "Your "baby" is actually a giant tumor and the kicking you've been feeling is just a really bad case of gas," but actually just as disheartening.

Rae has been having contractions all day – some strong and some not so. We're hoping they will get a little more regular and I can take the day off work tomorrow. OK - I want that.

And the baby too. But a day off will be nice.

Anyway, regardless of how cozy the kid is, we scheduled an induction today. Friday will officially be our last days at work for a while – Rae is on the books to get drugged up on Monday. Unless she pops sooner.

We're hoping for sooner.


Anonymous said...

I bet she pops on her own before Monday.
And the baby is actually a monkey.

Wayne said...

... and monkeys might fly out of my butt.. err... or you know...

Wayne said...

By the way... PARTY ON!!