Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bee Dee Emm

Met with the BDM (Baby Doctor Minion for the uninitiated) this afternoon (and got out of work early to do so, bonus). Here's the highlights:
  • Rae has put on five pounds since her last visit one week ago. She was hoping to stay under 160 for this whole thing. Looks like she'll be able to meet that goal - as long as she only puts on one pound in the next few weeks.*
  • Four more days until Kaylee is considered full term. While they would like her to cook a little longer - she'd be a pretty healthy kid if she decided she wanted out.
  • Rae is offically having contractions. Not the big "OH MY GOD WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?" contractions. Just the early ones. False labor or Briggs & Stratton contractions.** I'm sure she'll be swearing at me soon enough.
  • BDM put in her guess of 7 pounds 5 ounces for Kaylee's birth weight. Any other guesses?
  • BDM also "checked under Rae's hood." Cervix is thinning with no dialation yet. Belts and filters seem to be OK and she topped off the oil and coolant.
  • Rae is officially carrying around her Baby Doctor records in her purse - so if she goes into labor she'll have them with her. Maybe I should carry around a set too - just in case Rae acts like every expecting mother in every movie I've ever seen.
  • It is offically akward shaking the hand of the BDM after you've just seen her "check under the hood." Sure she wore gloves, but still ...
* I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank my wife for putting up with all of the jokes I am sure to make in the next four weeks. It's very big of her. *snicker*
** Yes, I know that's not what they are really called. That was an attempt at humor. It only works if you know the difference between Briggs & Stratton and Brackston Hicks I guess. It helps if you've taken both child birth and small engines classes.


auntie mag said...

I got the joke! Briggs & Stratton, Braxton Hicks...hahahaha! I have a friend who actually named her first child, I'm not kidding. Sad, but true. Love you!

Dad said...

Hung up on motor lingo today, aren't we?