Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Full term

As of today Kaylee is pretty much ready for the world.

Any extra time she spends in the oven is just gravy.

Mmmmmmmmm ... gravy.

On a side note: Guys, if you see Rae, or another similarly pregnant woman, please resist the urge to tell her that she looks like she is "ready to pop." Apparently Rae's hearing this several times a day – and usually only from guys. (Bosses, co-workers, friends, strangers in the grocery store) She's starting to get a little honked off by it all.

Please don't drive my wife to homicide. My baby needs a mother.


becky said...

i can't believe only a few more days and she's scheduled to be here! i'm so happy for you guys and i can't wait to meet her! love you all.

Anonymous said...

Looks like she's ready to pop!