Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Maybe? [edited]

OK - so I went home sick from work today. Spent the better half of the afternoon passed out on the couch. Rae just called. She's on her way home from work and she's having some serious pressure and discomfort in her abdomen.

So either my kid's on time - or it's appendicitis. Either way, if things don't stop we'll be going to the hospital tonite.

Good thing I got that nap. ;-)

EDIT: Yeah, not so much. Things were going well – and then Gilmore Girls came on and everything slowed to a crawl. I swear, just when I thought that show couldn't get any worse. So check back in the A.M. – maybe something will happen overnight.


becky said...

crossing my fingers that she makes her appearance tonight!

Anonymous said...

Good luck and let's see if Kaylee makes deadline!


becky said...

doh! well hopefully you'll get some good news at the OB tomorrow!