Thursday, November 30, 2006

13 hours of labor later ...*

And I'm pleased to announce the arrival of Kaylee Marie Rice.

Mom and baby are both resting well at the hospital. I'm home taking care of my fatherly duties – letting the dogs out, emailing out photos and updating the blog. And then passing out.

Birthday: Thursday, November 30, 2006
Time: Approx. 5:20 PM
Weight: 8 pounds 12 ounces
Length: 20 inches
Hair: Much, dark and mohawked after a good shampoo
Eyes: Really too squinty to see – plus it's dark in those rooms

Went in early, stayed late, had a C Section and all is well.

4:30 AM – Rae wakes up with some rather uncomfortable contractions. Being the great wife that she is she lets me sleep in.
5:25 AM - That's enough. Rae wakes me up. I make tea.
5:30 AM - I update blog.
7:00 AM - Contractions are getting stronger. I go grab coffee and a breakfast bagel. This is the smartest thing I do all day.
7:30 AM - Rae calls ABD. We get the go-ahead to come into the hospital. There is much rejoicing. *yay*
7:44 AM - I update blog again while Rae breathes.
8:15 AM - We're checked into the hospital and Rae gets her initial check-up. Not much change since ABD visit - just more painful. Rae is put on a monitor and told to wait it out.
9:00 AM - Nice nurse tells us ABD wants to get Rae admitted and put on drugs to make contractions stronger and more regular. They have a room for us but no nurse. The move should happen in about an hour.
10:00 AM - Contractions are getting stronger. Rae is looking haggard and angry.
11:00 AM - Still waiting. In between contractions Rae resembles Jack Nicholson at the end of "The Witches of Eastwick."
Noon: Nice nurse comes back from lunch and is joined by ABD. Both are rather ticked off that we haven't been admitted yet – go to find out why.
12:45 PM - Nice nurse tells us it will be fifteen minutes.
2:30 PM - Rae is finally admitted, given an epidural and her Potosin (the contraction drug).
3:30 PM - ABD isn't happy with the baby's monitor levels. Breaks water and pokes around trying to get the kid moving. Rae flips to her other side.
4:00 PM - Again with the poking. Rae flips even further on her side.
4:30 PM - ABD decides baby isn't reacting well to labor. (Insert joke about father's work ethic here.) Says a C Section is the way to go.
5:00 PM - I put on a Halloween costume version of a hazmat suit while nurses buzz about Rae prepping her for surgery.
5:20 PM - Slice. Slurp. Pull. Cry. Kaylee Marie is born and MacBeth is scared.

If all goes as it should - Rae and Kaylee should come home in 3-5 days. And I'll spend the next week annoying Rae by helping her do all the things she thinks she should be able to do on her own.

The first ever shot of Kaylee – because I was in such a hurry to get into the OR that I forgot the camera. Funny how your wife being rushed into surgery because of your unborn child's unstable heartbeat can do that.

This is the only photo of Rae I have from today where she doesn't look like she was run over by a truck. But I still think she's cute.

Trust me. She doesn't STAY this quiet.

* I'm not spell checking this or anything. It's to damn late and I need to be back at the hospital bright and early. I'll edit it later. Please enjoy this raw, uncut look into the mind of Mike.
** All times are approximated but not exaggerated.


Stacy and Jann Curtis said...

Let us be the first blog readers to say "Congratulations!" and "Happy Birthday, Kaylee!"

Mike, I'd suggest you try to archive this blog. That would be an awesome birthday present for an 18 year old Kaylee.

Here's to a long, healthy, happy life!


Stacy and Jann

buzz said...

You updated the blog 5 minutes after Your wife woke you up with contractions? You big nerd.
I still say the kid looks like Lambert...explains the squinty eyes.
Congratulations again!

Connie Ignatiou said...

wow, a truly dedicated (or completly obsessed) blogger. To be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with everything. Please keep on posting!

And of course, Alexis and I send our love. So happy to hear everything went OK. Best of luck during the next few weeks while you adjust.

Anonymous said...

jason and nora.

Dave said...

Rae looks great and you look so happy Mike. Congratulations to you both.

Pat A said...

Mike and Rachael,

It's Maggie's sister Pat. Congratulations to you both. Kaylee is beautiful! Rachael looks great after going through 13 hours of labor and a C-section. My 2 helpful hints are these: 1) as soon as the hospital will let you get up and move, get up. It hurts like heck but, for some reason, it really feels better later. (yes I had a C section too) and 2) This one's from my mom, Sleep when the baby sleeps. Sounds like common sense but you always feel like there is so much to get done that you try and work while she naps. Enjoy your precious baby. She is truly blessed.
Pat and Alex

Bill said...

Oh my gawd, look at that HAIR! The kid is absolutely beautiful -- and so are you guys. Good job. Congratulations to you both.


becky said...

yay, she's such a beauty mike!! so glad to hear things went well dispite an emergency c-section. hopefully rach will be feeling like normal in a week or two. i'm so unbelievably happy for you guys and i can't wait to see more pics of my beautiful niece!!!!

much love to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats she is a blessing. Enjoy every minute. They grow up quick. She is beautiful guys. Hope you see you soon!!!

Love Berda, Michael, and Bailey

Aunt Jessica and Family said...

Congratulations! We are excited to welcome Kaylee Marie to the family. Looking forward to hearing all about her and hopefully meeting her soon!

Our love,
Uncle Mark, Aunt Jessica, Katherine and Lillian

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's pretty much how my kids were born, if you subtract the parts involving the natural birth and not being admitted. We made an early dash to the hospital and then the kids came at 5:30 p.m.

Anyway congrats!

papa allen&granma J said...

we are soooo proud of you.what a beautiful!!!! baby.welcome to the world Miss Kaylee Marie Rice !we love you very much.

Papa Allen,Grandma Janetta & Cinde too.