Friday, December 01, 2006

Birth Day +1

Things are going well. Rae is looking 500% better and is up and walking around with little to no assistance. Kaylee is an eating machine – and the byproduct of eating is not only pretty gross, but gets everywhere if you're not careful.

This will be one of the MOST dowloaded and printed photos I post here. Kaylee was waiting to get her first official portrait taken - but wouldn't cooperate. We'll try again tomorrow. Awesome home-made sweater by Aunt Murray.

Still life with name card, blanket and rubber sucky-thing.

The girls like flowers. And they've got lots of them. The single rose (and fabulous stuffed elephant - not pictured) are from the Vandalia crew, while the arrangement are from G'ma Rice and her girls.

1. The baby will cry if you pick her up.
2. The baby will cry if you put her down.
3. Kaylee's monkey feet are one size too big for newborn-sized socks.
4. If you are changing a particularly nasty diaper - and the baby is wearing brand-new white socks? The socks will soon be particularly nasty.
5. Cold air affects little girls the same way it affects little boys. Luckily, little girls aim down.


auwnt maggie said...

Dear Kaylee-

I'm your Auwnt Maggie. I live in Illinois, so I haven't seen you in person yet. But I know your mom and dad really well, and I can't wait to meet you...even though they are giving you my room.

Welcome to our world, sweet niece. You're the best Christmas present an Auwntie could have.

becky said...

cold wipes will do the same so look out. :) she's so precious mike...i'm already so in love with her. please give her a kiss from her auntie.