Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pre-bedtime photoshoot

Kaylee works the camera using dad's lap as a backdrop.
I think she's actually filling her diaper in that last photo.


Anonymous said...

Kaylee: "Man, I liked it better in mommy's tummy where it was nice and dark and not this big bright light flashing all the time...."

Anonymous said...

Get used to it kid... that's the light bouncin' off ol' pa's forehead. Too bad it runs in the family. Whenever gramps comes to visit you'll get it double time.

Anonymous said...

okay i got a theory. this one is all me. sylar kills the radiation man and absorbs his power but because he hasn't lived with power he can't control it and that's what causes the explosion in NYC.

I know, i know: off topic. Here's an on topic question: How much sleep you getting?

caliente man