Sunday, December 03, 2006

As promised ...

Kaylee almost wasn't allowed to leave the hospital this afternoon. The nurses were afraid she had a near-fatal case of "too damn cute."

If the smile looks forced it's because this was the fourth or fifth shot Rae took. And the only one without a blur. (She blames the camera.)

This was the last shot we took before loading Rae up into wheelchair and heading home. I don't think Rae is sorry to be leaving that room.

The first shot of the newest member of the family in our home. No - not the old Welsh guy. That's Johnny. Meanwhile – Rae does her best to try and calm down Porthos. I wonder how that went ...

Just a self-portrait I snapped while talking to my sister on the phone. (Hi Becky.) But I thought it gave you a great sense of scale. I call it "Little Monkey and Big Stupid."

Rae and Kaylee catch up all the bloggy goodness they missed while they were away. That's right – this is where the magic happens.

I know I talked about sense of scale before – but geez. Wow. Little.

Remember Rae trying to show Porthos who's boss? Yeah, that worked out. After keeping the animals out of Kaylee's room for months – they snuck in the first time Rae went to put her down. And territory was marked. And Rae was unhappy. And the dog was chased from the house with the firey rage of a new first-time mother.

And I'm glad I was at the store and only had to witness the aftermath.


Dad said...

It's a good thing that Kaylee gets her looks from her mother. Mike, you currently look like an old (emphasis on the O-L-D) hippie wanna-be.

papa allen said...

Sure is good to see the girls are home. Looks like Kaylee must like the new tears-no crying? CONGRATS!!! LUV YAS'

auwnt maggie said...

Love you guys! She is just beautiful. Thanks so much for keeping us all up-to-date.

Give all the kids a kiss from Maggie - and that includes Kaylee, Porthos, Eddie, Gabby and Max. Oh, all right - Mike, too.

becky said...

she's such a cutie! and boy does she look like rach (thank the lord ;). hope the first night home went well.

love you guys!