Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday wrap up

Item the first – Baby Doctor
Rae had her appointment with the Baby Doctor this week (not the Doctor of Babies – I know it's easy to get them confused). Her official post-birth weight is only something like seven pounds more than she started at – so I think she's pretty damn happy about that.

Doc also says her incision is healing well. I'd show you pictures, but Rae would have to take her pants off to do that – and she says I'm not allowed to post those pictures on the internet.

Item the second – Baby's day out
We had to run some errands today and just for S&G we decided to take my car. Now it only has two doors and isn't as easy to get Kaylee in and out of – but I really think she likes rolling around town in a Mustang convertible better than Mom's four door sedan.

And no we didn't put the top down – Rae wouldn't let me. Maybe next time.

Item the third – My third nipple
I don't know if I've mentioned it here or not – but most of you know that Rae is breast feeding. And while that means I get to spend more of my night sleeping, it also means that she gets to have all the fun of feeding Kaylee. Well no more.

As of tonight we're giving Kaylee a bottle a day. Partially to get her used to them for when Rae has to return to work. And partially to give Rae a bit of a break. Apparently breast feeding can be much like wearing a sandpaper bra.

Me? I'm just happy to be on the other end of the digestive tract for the first time.

And damn can that girl eat. (I'm pretty sure she gets that from me.) Even if she does end up wearing about half of it. (Which she gets from her mother.)

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grammy said...

if she is wearing half her "food" then you brought home the right's known as "the Carruthers Curse"