Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Forgive me ...

For I have sinned. I didn't mean to do it – it just kind of happened. I feel nothing but shame for my misdeeds and humbly request forgiveness. It was an honest mistake, but a digression none the less.

I watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy with my daughter before watching the original Star Wars trilogy with her. It was a selfish act – I figured I'd rewatch the three really long movies while I had some time off. I didn't think about the ramifications of my actions.

I fear that I may have done irreversible harm in doing so. Instead of raising her on Jedi and battlestation plans and blasters and bounty hunters and akward sibling love, her outlook on life will be tainted by Rangers and one-rings and swords and Nazgul and halflings who may or may not play for both teams.

I don't know if the effects are reversible, but I'll do my part. Starting today Kaylee and I will be on steady diet of Star Wars. But just episodes IV - VI (I may have already scarred her for life, we don't need to add Jar Jar Binks into this).

In other news: I turned 31 today. Another year older, another year wi ... older. And today I realized just how great it is to be a new father.

It means I get double the presents now.


becky said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i just sent your card out today and there should be a xmas package at your door by the end of the week.

love you lots--

Dave said...

It'll be OK Mike.
Skip eps. 1-3 like you are doing, but show her the Clone Wars cartoon.
The cartoon is key.
When she's older (say three) then you can bring in Scar-Scarred for life. Show them to her once. No more. You can't have a three year old running around saying. Mesa Yousa Joousa jousa or what not.

Roberta said...

Happy Birthday to a great brother-in-law. Take care of that baby. She is precious and will grow up quickly.

Carla said...


Don't worry... as long as you show her the original Star Wars a few times before she sees LOTR *AGAIN*, she should still be OK.