Thursday, December 21, 2006

Booty twapped*

That's what I said! Booty twapped!

And you thought getting peed on was the only hazard you had to endure when changing a diaper? Oh no.

Lately Miss Kaylee has been saving up the farts for when the diaper is off. (I'm pretty sure it really has something to do with bending her in half to clean up.) But when the butt is a mess – and the butt lets loose?

You had better duck.

Or at least that's what Rae tells me. She caught the brunt of it this morning. I myself haven't had the pleasure.

In other news: Rae is officially wearing pre-pregnancy jeans today. She's really, really, really happy about this. I don't see why it's a big deal – I've been wearing my jeans from 10 months ago all this time.

* If you don't get the reference, you either weren't a child, did not have a child, or did not still act like a child in 1985.


becky said...

i believe the proper term is "booty twapped" ;)

vized06 said...


becky said...

hehe. i knew that was coming. ;)

becky said...

oh and by the way, thanks for posting your "big waste of time (but fun)" link. i spent at least 2 hours of time when i could have been sleeping playing those damn games. took me forever to beat the stupid grow RPG one. i'll have to play more of them later. :)

Berda said...

Don't feel bad I had that happen to me too. I think it happens to everyone.

Auwntie Mag said...

Oh, by the way, when I visit...I will not be changing any diapers. But I WILL be taking Rae out to shop for new cute-bootay jeans.