Friday, December 08, 2006

My monkey

While not nearly as entertaining as the photo of the cat, Kaylee does look pretty fab in her monkey hat.

In other news, we're raising a vampire. We're just waiting for the fangs to come in to confirm it. But for the last few days she's been sleeping all day (in the loudest places possible) and up all night. (Yes, just like the Slaughter song.)

Starting at about 10 pm she wants to eat every hour or so. So Rae's not getting too much sleep. And I'm doing the dishes at 4 am just to join in on the experience.

But she looks good in the monkey hat.

1 comment:

becky said...

aww she looks great in her monkey hat. one day she'll either thank me for it or hate me for it. :) hopefully she figures out her days and nights soon so you guys can get some sleep.