Monday, December 25, 2006

Thank you Baby Jesus

You didn't bring me my air rifle, but I did get some sleep. After opening Christmas presents late on Christmas Eve, Kaylee gave us our best present of the year. She spent most of the night sleeping in her bed, instead of screaming on the couch – and even gave us four straight hours of sleep. It's a Christmas miracle! (We're not expecting a repeat performance tonight.)

Santa was good to all of us this year. Jewelry, books and clothes – and not all of it was for Kaylee! After a long night of presents and sleep we headed over to Johnny and Mel's house for Christmas lunner. Rae and I stuffed ourselves on turkey and pie – while Kaylee pigged out on her food of choice. (16 minutes of eating – that's about 10 minutes longer than she normally goes. AND she kept it all down.)

We're looking forward to doing it again next year when Kaylee can open her own presents. (And not really care much about anything except the boxes and paper.)

This is a Christmas Eve family self-portrait in front of the tree. I wasn't going to include it – but Rae points out that this is Kaylee's first smile recorded on camera. (For the record – I think she was filling her pants at the time.)

Kaylee's Christmas outfit – notice the cute little lace slippers my Aunt Ruth made for her. We wanted to make sure she got to wear them at least once.

Here's a picture of my girls in their Christmas crowns. The hats are from our Christmas Krackers – a little party favor with toys and such inside. Everyone opened one right before dinner and had to wear the hat all through the meal.

It's a tradition – or Johnny was just messing with all of us. Either way – I was smart enough not to have my picture taken wearing a silly paper hat.

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Auwntie Mag said...

Oh for the love of God, can we please see a picture of Johnny in his paper hat? Is that asking too much?