Monday, December 11, 2006

10 little-known Monkey facts

1) She squeaks and waves her arms around when she sleeps.
2) When she poops – her face turns the same shade of red as Grandpa Charlie's when he's mad.
3) So far, she looks best in yellow.
4) Apparently her legs don't work unless I'm trying to change her clothes and/or diaper.
5) Short of using baby mousse, that hair isn't laying down. Ever.
6) She can sleep through anything – except the night.
7) The only thing that can keep her awake while in a moving car is direct sunlight.
8) She is most alert between the hours of 10 PM and 4 AM. (Yay!)
9) If her activities were translated into dwarf names, she would be: Sleepy, Poopy, Sucky, Grumpy, Squirmy and Vacant Stare. In that order.
10) In addition to a full head of hair, she has a hairy back and forehead – but almost no eyebrows.


Auwntie Mag said...

Funny, but the 10 little-known monkey facts are astonishingly similar to the 10 little-known Mikey facts, except I've never changed his diaper. But looking good in yellow? Definately. And does anyone remember Mike's hair? Same thing.

Dad said...

One Mikey fact that Kaylee has missed out on.... a pot belly. He always had one.