Monday, December 11, 2006

Animal farm

Yeah, we had a zoo to begin with. Two dogs and two cats. Everyone seems to have figured out where they fit and no one seems to feel left out. (At least no one has retaliated by peeing on my bed anyway.)

The cats pretty much keep their distance. On a couple of occasions I've had one of the cats curl up next to Kaylee when I'm holding her. But it's always short-lived. They run off as soon as she starts kicking.

This is a pretty common sight in our house. Wherever Kaylee goes, Porthos (or Porkos or Pork Chop or The Dude – whatever you want to call him by) follows. When she cries, he's the first one to her room. When you change her diaper, he's laying at your feet. When she's sleeping in her bouncy chair, he's never far off – and comes by periodically to push his nose in her face and check up on her.

Funny thing is – he was the one we were most concerned about because he's so hyper and jumpy. But he's been nothing but great. I think the two of them are going to be inseperable once she gets mobile.

Eddie is just interested in giving her a tounge bath. I haven't caught that one on camera yet.

And she doesn't seem to mind it so much.


Anonymous said...

It's totally awesome how animals get attached to and protect humans. One of the greatest things ever.

Very cool photograph.
That'll be a nice one for the Kaylee photo album.

Auwntie Mag said...

Wow, that is so cool. Yeah, Porthos!