Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A few more firsts ...

Kaylee would like to wish everyone a happy Valentines Day. Or I'm sure she would if she could talk. Either way, it looks like she's enjoying her first Valentine – courtesy of Great G'ma Rice. (Don't worry – I didn't let her chew on it for too long.)

Also in the news – Kaylee has figured out that she doesn't have to stuff her whole hand in her mouth, she can just suck her thumb instead. It's quite cute – though it is also quite LOUD. And messy.

Also also in the news – Kaylee let out her first laugh last night. Lauren, a co-worker of mine, came by the house and the baby lit up when she saw her. She must have liked her, because instead of her usual "happy sounds" she let out a full-fledged "ha-ha." And then another. And then another.

She hasn't laughed since. I think Lauren needs to come visit more often. (Maybe I could pull some strings and make it overtime for her?)


LTodd said...

I MADE THE BLOG!!!!! My life is totally complete.

I offer my baby-sitting services. I'm sure that after a couple hours, Kaylee and I will have worked out a whole comedy show. It won't be of Chappelle caliber, but it will be good.


becky said...

she'll be a giggle monster before you know it! which reminds me i've been meaning to post a video. have fun on your trip and stay warm!!!