Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm appreciated

FYI - I'm in Syracuse and all is well. Much better trip than last year's "layover" in Chicago. Since I'm not at home don't expect a lot of news over the next few days – though Rae has said she might post a photo or two here.

Waiting for me when I arrived was this email. It's got some news in it ... and some great visuals. My wife's a decent writer. Who knew? Maybe I should let her update the blog every now and then?
We might talk before you read this, but our baby has her first cold. No fever or anything like that, but the amount of green snot that came out of her nose this morning when I was changing her diaper made me think I was changing the wrong end. :)
Dropping her off at daycare this morning was just as hard as it was that first day (though I didn't cry, well, not yet). I just want you to know how much I appreciate you dropping her off in the mornings. Not just because it's hard for me, but because I know it's hard for you too.
You're a great dad and husband.

See? I'm great. (No, I didn't add that last line. Though I may have bolded it.)

I wonder if Kaylee has green snot-cicles?

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Auwntie Mags said...

Wow. That's incredibly sweet. I have to go puke green now.

But seriously, I am not surprised. Of course you're a great husband and father. Good genes! (And jeans, even though I had to help you pick them out in college).