Thursday, February 08, 2007



Daycare update: She did much better today. She was pretty happy and she ate like a pig. And yes Maggie – she is Kaylee. Though Rae didn't tell me what she ate for lunch today.
I suppose she could have been pretty happy and eating like a pig too.


Auwntie Mags said...

Well, THANK GOD! I was starting to worry about Rae! I love you guys. She is gorgeous...and in this case, "she" refers to BOTH Rice women!

Jane Sellman said...

She's a beauty. Look at that hair and that perfect nose. Julia Roberts, move over...

She's got some great hats, but I didn't see any baseball caps. Well, it is only Feb. after all.

Rachael, tried to answer your e-mail but something called Barracuda Firewall keeps telling me that I am spam. (I'm not, I'm deviled ham.)

I'll try writing from another e-mail account and see if that works.
Love the snow in Arizona. We got a light dusting here but not enough to start a panic -- just a few feeble "Little Tavern Elementary will open one hour late today."

Kaylee -- I can't wait to tell you all about the Baltimore Orioles, steamed crabs, Berger's Chocolate cookies, Ben and Jerry's, and Fort McHenry.

Rachael and Mike -- Here's hoping for a good night's sleep. You might try reading to her from my hypermedia textbook -- it seems to be working on me.
from the icey regions of Maryland...