Friday, February 02, 2007


The whole point of this photo was to show off the booties (I was going to make a "Das Booties" joke to play off the name of the film and everything) Great-G'ma Rice made for Kaylee. They are from the same pattern she used to make Grandpa Charlie's booties way back in the day. But when she sent them – she put them on a monkey. So we put the monkey in the picture.

Then we realized the monkey looked lonely – and we remembered that Grammy (have we settled on what Kaylee should call you?) Janetta sent us a monkey too. So we put that monkey in the photo. Pretty soon she was all smiles and cooing because she was surrounded by fuzzy monkeys.

Then we realized the booties weren't really in the photo at all. (That's the rainbow colored thing in the lower left corner.) But by the time we repositioned everything and tried to reshoot – Kaylee was grumpy and hungry and making the angry face.

So this is a photo of three monkeys and almost a bootie.

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