Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Home again, home again ...

Syracuse was a blast (despite the 14 hour work days – yes, we do SOME work) but I'm glad to be home. Happy to report that Kaylee didn't learn to walk or talk while I was gone – but I swear she's grown about an inch. ;-)

Brought home shirts for the whole family – because I'm a dork like that. I was only going to get one for Kaylee (in hopes that the newspaper design connection may rub off on her) but decided I wanted one for myself as well. And then I HAD to get one for Rae so she didn't feel left out.

Now we're one of THOSE families with matching shirts. I'm laying down a family rule stating we're not allowed to wear them on the same day. (At least not all three of us.)

Even I have some standards. Low standards, but standards none the less.

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Auwntie Mags said...

Love that picture. Am I a huge dork if I want a print of that one? And btw, you don't have matching shirts, you have coordinating shirts - they aren't exactly the same, so the fashion police will allow you to wear them together.