Saturday, February 24, 2007

Playing catch up

OK – I've been a bad blogger. No updates since Wednesday. But in my defense, work has been busy and Kaylee's Grammy and PawPaw have been here. No time for the rest of you. But we just dropped them off at the airport, so ...

Kaylee's sick: She's had a cough and the sniffles since I left. Now she's got a cough that really reminds me of Gollum from "The Lord of the Rings." Poor kid. She hates anyone who tries to de-snot her, especially if you use the sucky-ball thing. On the upside – she's a little hoarse, which means when she gets REALLY ticked off her screaming isn't that hard to handle.

Kaylee's new best friend: Is Dad's big screen TV. If it's on and she's in the room – it's tough to get her to pay attention to anything else. If there was any doubt before – I am now sure that I will be watching The Wiggles in HD in a year's time.

Grammy time: Kaylee really seemed to enjoy her week home with Grammy and PawPaw. She ate more from the bottle on Thursday and Friday than she usually eats in a whole week of day care. I guess Grammy just has the touch. (Good news for the kid – Grammy's flight just got cancelled, maybe she'll stay another nite?)

All hands: Kaylee found her hands not too long ago – and now she's starting to figure out what they are for. She's got the thumb sucking thing down pretty well; but what's got us impressed is that she's figured out how to pull the Bink out of her mouth – and nine times out of 10 she can put it back. Even while she's sleeping.

Bomb-britches: Kaylee has taken to saving up all of her "number twos" and giving us at least a "number eight." Yesterday's poo-splosion filled her diaper and her pajamas. I tell you, footy pajamas seem like a good idea until you fill one leg with feces. I had to wipe down her back, her legs, between her toes. When I went to wash my hands afterward, it looked like I'd tried to finger paint with the stuff. And the pajamas? If kids clothes weren't so expensive, I'd just burn them.

(Insert witty sign-off comment here – 'cause I've got nothing.)


Dad said...

You absolutely were NO better. I used to call you "Michael the Pooh" and that had absolutely nothing to do with you looking like a bear or being as sweet as honey....

PS - Mom made me stop calling you that. She never told me that she disapproved, but there sure was no encouragement either. Sometimes, mom just was no fun at all.

Aunt Berda said...

That is one of many to come. Just wait. You will be using spray-n-wash a lot.

Fogger said...

I'm reminded of a story from my childhood.

No, I won't be sharing. ;)

becky said...

i guess we got lucky, neither one of us had been peed or pooped on YET and she's never had a blowout like that. :) i'm sure i'll be eating my words soon enough.