Saturday, April 07, 2007


Kaylee likes to stand up so much, we decided it was time to break out that last Babie's R Us gift certificate and get the girl some wheels. No, not the motorized Barbie Jeep (though I'm sure her dad will spoil her with one in a few years) we're talkin' walker.

She obviously hasn't figured it out yet – but she does manage to scoot herself across the room when you're not looking. But only backwards.

Kaylee likes it because it puts her on dog level – which allows her to get face time with those who rule the house. That's her first eye-level encounter with Eddie.

Porkchop seems to like it a little better. He's normally really skittish around her – but the walker allows him to come up on his own terms. Just wait until that tray is coverd in Cheerios ...

Best $30 I've spent this week. She's looked pretty much like this since we dropped her in. I don't see the smile wearing off until she falls asleep.

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Papa Allen said...

LATE BREAKING RACE NEWS!!! Miss Kaylee has set a new track record @ The Living Room 500...Look out race fans this girl is MOBIIILE!!!