Monday, April 16, 2007

Going to visit G'ma

It's official. We're flying to North Carolina to visit Great-G'ma Rice (GG for short.) Well, we're also flying to North Carolina to hang out with a bunch of thirty-year-old men who don't know what personal hygiene is, live in their parents' basement and whose ideal woman is on Star Trek. But that's besides the point ... We're planning on hanging out in Winston-Salem for a few days so GG can get to know Kaylee.

What's "fun" is that we're taking the red-eye flight out there. That should be a fun experience for Kaylee's first airplane adventure. We're flying out at 8pm and arriving in Charlotte at 6am the next morning. I just hope she sleeps ... and I'm sure the people sitting next to us do as well.

Kaylee today: Stretchy*

* Inspired by the Chicago Sun-Times' "weather word," where they pick one word to describe that day's forecast for the front page. It's just a fun feature I thought I'd add to the end of each post to further describe Kaylee's activities (and test my vocabulary skillz.)

1 comment:

auntie mags said...

Kaylee, today Auntie Mags is feeling "Squishy".

Thought you'd wanna know.