Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend edition

Spent the better part of Friday and Saturday avoiding Rae and Kaylee because of work, a friend in town and some of the best/worst karaoke I've ever seen. (Really, if you're going to attempt "Wild Thing" you should at least know how to pronounce Tone Loc.)

MattE flies back into Gary Chicago International Airport (snicker) first thing in the morning. And Becky, Matt and Alice drive into town that afternoon. They're here for a week – expect photos. And speaking of photos, here's a couple Rae took over the past few days …

I'm not sure if she looks pensive or sad.
Either way, it's probably just gas.

Attack of the giant bald head. The kid doesn't seem to mind.

Kaylee today: Sweaty


LTodd said...

Judge not the karaoke until you actually get off your butt and sing.

But he was really bad.

Papa Allen said...

Keep them pics a comin'!!! The "slide show" @ Alice in Chicagoland is way coooool; hint, hint??? LUV YOU GUYS!!! Gotta go..

Dad said...

There'd better be pics coming! Grandpa Charlie wants to see his girls together. (He's just jealous 'cause he can't be there!)