Saturday, April 21, 2007

She's trying so hard ...

Kaylee's pretty much got that rolling over thing down. Front to back is easy, back to front she gets most of the time. That combined with her scooting ability has started to make for one mobile little kid.

But she's not content with that. She's starting to figure out the whole crawling thing.

I'll lay her down on her belly and play with the dogs just out of her reach. She stretches and scoots and kicks and rolls. You can see her trying to figure it all out. She knows what she wants – and where it is – she's just figuring out how to get there.

I don't know that she'll figure it out soon – but she's going to figure it out sooner than I thought she would.

Kaylee today: analytical

(Side item of note: Rae is wearing pre-pregnancy jeans today. She seems quite pleased with that fact.)


maggie said...

Rae today: Svelte

jessicat said...

I would say Rae's side item deserves a blog entry all it's own - why does it have to be at the bottom in parathesis and italics? That is important!