Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fighting the Sleep Beast

So we've been bad. Or lazy. Or both. Kaylee's been sleeping in our bed since Rae went back to work. It's just been easier and Rae and I have enjoyed (almost) sleeping through the night.

Doctor of Babies wasn't too thrilled with that. He "strongly encouraged" us to break her of the habit now. He said it would be easier now rather than later.

If this is easy, I'm glad we didn't wait.

The good news is, when she finally falls asleep she stays down and only wakes up for the occasional feeding. The problem is putting her down. You'll think she's asleep, lay her down and BAM – wide awake and playing with her feet. (Which is really cute by the way.)

So you try it again. BAM – wide awake, but this time she's ticked off. Really ticked off. Screaming and crying and writhing and wiggling and flailing and spitting and snotting and kicking hitting and clawing and did I mention screaming ticked off.

It frustrates me to no end, primarily because I can't seem to do anything to calm her. I can talk and sing and hold and bounce for hours and she'll still scream. But Rae? She takes her and calms her down almost instantly. (It takes another half hour to put her down, but still ...)

I'm golden with the kid in the morning – and afternoons are great – but at night I'm persona non grata.

That's fine.

I'll just remember this when she's old enough to want to borrow the car.


Dad said...

You were no better, only you were an equal opportunity whiner/crier... no better for mom than for me. As you've heard from me before, we had to creep out of your room on our hands and knees. Fortunately, none of your siblings were similarly afflicted.

becky said...

matt says:
welcome to fatherhood.

jessicat said...

For what it's worth - we lied openly to our DOB. Katherine slept in our bed for a long time - but she slept and that was all that mattered! You will learn to fib your way through lots of things when it comes to the DOB I assure you.