Thursday, June 08, 2006

Baby daddy at the Baby doctor

I got up early this morning so I could accompany Rae to her latest appointment with the OB (henceforth known as Baby doctor). I was hoping there would be formal introductions (Baby Daddy, Baby Doctor; Baby Doctor, Baby Daddy) but Rae, being the Martin to my Lewis, never thinks of funny. She was more concerned about, well, girl stuff.

But, I did learn a few important things today:

ONE: The Dunkin Donuts on the way to the Baby doctor charges 15 cents more for a medium coffee than the Dunkin Donuts I normally stop at in the morning. And they use too much sugar.
TWO: The Baby doctor also dabbles in "cosmetic medicine." So she can deliver your baby and shoot your face up with Botulism byproducts.
THREE: The Gentle Yag Laser Hair Removal System™ is completely safe and up to 150% faster than other laser hair removal systems. And there is no messy lubricant to clean up later!
FOUR: Pregnant women who need to use the bathroom are very impatient. Especially when they have an obnoxious two-year-old in tow.
FIVE: Rae lost 4 pounds since her last Baby doctor visit. (Which amazes me because she's developing quite the Buddah-belly.)
SIX: Himmer's heart beat (which I heard for the first time today) sounds like a sound effect from one of those crappy space shows Rae watches on the Sci-Fi channel.
SEVEN: Baby doctor appointments consist of 45 minutes of waiting, 2 minutes of peeing and 5 minutes of actually being seen by the Baby doctor.
EIGHT: Rae's next appointment is the day after we get back from vacation. It will be THE ultrasound where we find out if himmer is actually a him or a her.

And if you're nice, I'll tell you what we know when we know it. :)

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