Sunday, June 04, 2006

I've got a little chubby

Yup - you can officially tell she's pregnant now.
Either that, or she just ate a very large lunch.

Or maybe both?


Connie Ignatiou said...

ooooh rachael you look so gorgeous! when is your due date?

becky said...

rach! you're looking much more pregnant at 15 weeks than i do at 19!! :) looking good momma!! such a change from when i saw you last time! love ya.

J said...

Oh so very cute! You look fantabulous! You are positively glowing. Love it! Who knew that such a little bit of a thing could make us look so different? I remember those days...Enjoy each and every moment - be sure to take lots of photos!

Love you!

vized06 said...

RAE SAYS: even with that belly, I'm still losing weight … It's all a mystery.

Berda said...

Looking good sis!!! Love you... I know you will get tired of hearing "Oh you're so cute!"