Friday, June 23, 2006

Christmas comes early

I looked at the calendar and realized we have 12 short days until the BIG ultrasound which will finally reveal if himmer is a Glen or Glenda. (Not that we're using those names, it's just an obscure movie reference.) So I got to thinking about 12. A dozen. Half a day. 12 days ...

On the first day 'fore ultrasound, my true love gave to me,
A baby in her belly ...

Now you can see where that was going. It had major potential for eye-rollage and to scare off whatever few readers this site might have that aren't genetically linked to me. (All one of them.) So as my early Christmas gift to you, I give you the gift of stopping this stupid idea before it goes any further.

Everybody wins - and you don't even have to drive to the mall, fight for a parking spot, stand in line, argue with a sales clerk (it's a gift, why would I have a receipt?!) and exchange the gift for store credit.

Ho. Ho. Ho.

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becky said...

aww...we'll be having our ultrasounds on the same day!! although mine is a repeat BIG u/s and we aren't finding out the sex. can't wait to hear what you guys are having!!