Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Rae swears she felt himmer moving around yesterday. Not kicking - too soon for that - but moving. She says it felt like she had butterflies in her stomach.

I think she had gas.

Having gas and saying it's the baby is kind of like blaming a fart on the dog. Except who's going to call a pregnant lady on that?

Rae: I just felt the baby move!
Me: Are you sure? Cause I think I can smell the baby moving.
Rae: You're such a boy. You just don't understand.
Rae: Besides, that smell was the dog.

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jenn scott said...

Hey you crazy kidz.

Been a bit out of touch with the grapevine at the times, only now heard about da baby! better late than... oh, wait that's only mildly funny. Ok, it's not funny.

Congratulations! Will be checking back for more pictures. And dang you Racheal for being so tan.

warmest regards,