Monday, June 26, 2006

No reason to blame the dog

Much baby movement tonight. I'm pretty sure it was the baby this time – I didn't notice any offending odors.

That and Rae had that Oh-My-God-I-Think-I-Can-Feel-The-Baby-Moving grin on her face. She's really cute when she gets that look.

She says it feels like somone tickling her stomach from the inside. Funny, I know exactly how that feels.

Here's a free life lesson from me to you. Never eat a crab tostada in South Tucson during the summer. It'll make your baby move.


Carla said...

Congratulations on the progress of your baby transitioning from a gas to a solid, Rachel :-)

And Mike, I'm sorry to hear you're continuing to be haunted by other transition-of-internal-matter issues. Might I suggest a bland diet for a while, for all our sakes?

becky said...

yay!! pretty soon it will be moving like crazy and you won't have any doubts if it's the baby or not! congrats!

becky said...
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