Monday, June 25, 2007

Father's Day (redux)

I noticed the other day that I totally neglected to mention Father's Day. Since it fell in the middle of our vacation I just overlooked it.

I had already received my gifts (because Rae is horrible at keeping secrets) before we left town. So Sunday Kaylee and I wore our matching shirts. "Little Monkey" for her and "Certified Monkey Trainer" for me. Rae did manage to surprise me with a couple of cards in Charlotte though – one "signed" by Kaylee and everything. (One of the few cards I'm sure I'll hold on to for a long time.)

That was also the day we drove into Winston-Salem where G'ma had a fresh peach pie (eat your heart out James) waiting for me. I'm sure it was intended for everyone – but I'm claiming it as my own. But most importantly – I got to share (read show off) my kid with more family.

All in all, not a bad day.

Kaylee today: Wet. (She discovered the dogs' water bowl this evening.)

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