Friday, June 01, 2007

So THAT'S why she's grumpy ...

Kaylee has had some trouble sleeping lately. She'll scream in her sleep – and roll over like nothing happened. (As long as you're holding her. If she's alone in her bed, she wakes up.) She's spent the last few nights in our bed as a result.

She's flush. Her nose is a little snotty. She drools everywhere. She chews on EVERYTHING.

She's teething.

We finally got her to let us peek in that mouth of hers. Turns out there is a big white lump where her front, top left tooth will eventually be. No idea how long it will take it to come out ... but it sure is sore in the meantime.

She won't let me near her mouth to snap a picture – so I had this artist's rendering made up. She's gonna be a cutie, huh?

Kaylee today: Cutting.


becky said...

you know i wasn't going to say this before, but now i have to. my baby is cuter than your baby! :)

and yay for teething! alice just cut her first non creepy one yesterday! it's a sharp little sucker.

vized06 said...

"my baby is cuter than your baby!"

Only after Photoshop is involved I'm afraid. :-P

becky said...

no alice is cute even when i don't photoshop her pics. oh wait, you were talking about kaylee. i didn't know that pic was photoshoped i just thought the kid sprouted bunny teeth since i visited. ;)

vized06 said...

Those are clearly beaver teeth ... you must need glasses.