Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wish us luck for tomorrow night

We've been trying to break Kaylee of sleeping with us since we got back from vacation. (She didn't want to sleep alone in a strange crib in a strange room – go figure.) We haven't had much luck.

Tonight we decided she was just going to cry herself to sleep.

She fought us. Screaming bloody murder she fought us. Arms and legs through the slats in the crib she fought us. Standing up (but only for the briefest of moments) in her crib she fought us. But after three and a half hours she finally fell asleep.

Sitting up. Mouth open. Propped against the side of the crib.

Never has anything been so cute, yet so pathetic.

Kaylee today: Solo.


becky said...

the same thing happened to us when we got back from vacation for the same reasons. hopefully she doesn't start getting clingy too!

good luck tonight!

TastesLikeCrazy said...

We have been there and done that before, let me tell ya.
I hope things get easier for you guys.

Here's what we did: