Saturday, June 30, 2007

Seven month update

• You can add peaches to the list of Kaylee's favorite foods. Looks like I will soon have someone new to fight for that last piece of pie.

• Since starting the bedtime routine, things have gotten much smoother. Tonight we put her right down with no fussing at all. If tonight goes like the past few nights, we won't hear a peep out of her again until about 5 or 6.

• She's pretty good at entertaining herself. Rae and I left Kaylee alone in the bedroom for a good half hour. We poked our head in periodically to watch her entertain herself pushing a package of diapers around the room.

•Wow, can she move. After she was done in her room Kaylee decided to join us out front. Five minutes after I spotted her at the far end of her room she poked her head around the corner into the living room.

• Bath time is play time. Now that she's got that crawling thing down, swimming in next on her list of things to do. She was all over the tub the other night. Crawling, diving, splashing, squatting and finally peeing in the tub when Rae pulled her out. (At least she waited until her bath was done.)

• Climbing is also new to her list. We've found her standing in her crib a couple of times. (Usually while she is wailing away trying to fight off sleep.) She's also tried pulling herself up on tables and chairs and bed skirts and dogs and ...

Kaylee today: Babysat.


Dad said...

That's our girl Kaylee. Have you bought a set of hobbles yet?

Papa Allen said...

LOOK OUT world!!! Kaylee is MO-BILE

Aunt Berda said...

The fun has just begun!!!!

maggie said...

That girl is gonna keep you kids on your toes for a long, long time.