Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sick (again)

Kaylee picked up something from day care again. Or maybe it's related to her teething. Either way, Rae had to work from home today because Kaylee's fever was enough to keep her home. Add to that a few "tropical storms" from below the belt and the kid's not feeling all too hot.

Hopefully she gets it all out of her system (and doesn't pass it on to us) for our upcoming trip to visit G'ma Rice. A red eye flight is uncomfortable enough without having to deal with the dreaded diaper beast.

Kaylee today: Caliente.

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maggie said...

She'll be fine and happy for the flight, I promise. But just in case, bring earplugs for everyone else on the flight.

Or vodka. Vodka works, too.

Sorry my sweet niece isn't feeling well, but I know you and Rae are taking good care of her, and each other.