Saturday, June 23, 2007

Time to baby-proof the house

A few occurrences from the last couple of days:

* I was reading on the couch and the kid was on the floor playing when all the books started flying off the lower level of the coffee table. It seems Kaylee thought that would be a good place to explore. By the time I got over to her all you could see was two little legs poking out.

* Rae left Kaylee on her bedroom floor while the two of us closed ourselves in the bathroom drying off a wet dog. Five minutes later we heard crying and when we went to see what was wrong – Kaylee was sitting outside the bathroom door.

* Not content to just scoot across the floor, Kaylee has started pulling herself up on things. (Us, tables, Eddie, etc.) And she loves to pull herself upright using our hands and then "walk" to her destination of choice.

At this rate, she'll be driving next week.*

Kaylee today: Mouthy.

* Not my car. Like I'm going to let a baby drive the Mustang. She can learn to drive on her mom's Dodge.

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becky said...

well you have to admit, your car IS more of a girls car anyway. ;)