Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vacation (part two)

Next stop – a short drive to GG's (or G'ma for those of you without great-grandkids) new house in Winston-Salem:
Kaylee and GG's first meeting.
Since we were allowed to stay – I think it went OK.

Kaylee got a new hat courtesy of Aunt Murray.
(Which we liked – but I think she preferred the envelope.)

Aunt Ruth fell victim to the kid's roaming hands – losing both her glasses and earrings. But she kept coming back for more.

Silly, silly Aunt Rose. You have two kids. You should know not to wear big dangly earrings around small children. (I think she wore them to ensure that she would be popular with the kid.)

Uncle John managed to get some time in – it was tough to get the kid away from Rosie. And since he didn't have glasses or earrings to chase – she settled for a hand full of chest hair instead.

Then my camera died.
(I still say it was working fine until I shot that picture of Uncle John …)

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Inlaws & Outlaws said...

Who could blame the kid...AAAHAAA! FREE momentos of our visit, right?