Saturday, December 01, 2007

Home again. Home again.

Jiggity jig. And as promised – video.

I've been working on this for a while now. (If you couldn't tell by the number of photos involved.) We've been shooting a photo a day for a year now and they've all been strung together with one of my favorite songs in the background.

There's more than 365 photos in there. And I'm not 100% sure the months are in the right place. But it's pretty impressive watching my little girl grow up in three minutes and fourteen seconds if I must say so myself.

Happy birthday kid. Dad loves ya.

Kaylee today: Grumpy as hell because we just got home from two weeks on the road and are ignoring her while we clean house and try to settle back into real life.


maggie said...

I love it. And yes, it made me cry. Thank you for sharing your vacation with me. It meant so much to spend time with you all, laughing, eating sliders, drinking cocoa and occasionally punching each other in the shoulder. Hope to see you soon for an Aunt Maggie visit to your house!

grammy said...

why to go dad!!!!
what a birtyday present

Cindy said...

Wow! Watching the movie is almost as good as watching the baby herself. (Nah, not really, but it will have to do!) Bravo, Mike!

maggie said...

I miss you guys.

Vacation do-over!

KayleeFan said...

She'll enjoy that video someday.

jessicat said...

That was awesome!! It is hard to believe for us it has been a year - we have truly enjoyed your blog and hope you continue to update it!!

Love you!

carla said...

What a beautiful video! choked me up, dang it. Happy Birthday Kaylee! Enjoy growing up with your awsome parents!

becky said...

that was so beautiful mike (and the song is most definitely perfect)! happy birthday little one! we love you lots!!

Papa Allen said...

ROCK ON!!! Once again, this bloggy thing is awesome dude...any thing with a banjo in it is the bomb. p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLEE, love ya