Sunday, December 09, 2007

Vacation photos, part the second

Our trip to home to see Dad culminated with a trip to the bustling metropolis of Melvin to carve turkey and break bread with some of our extended family. (A big thanks to our hosts Marty and JoAnn, the food was great and the atmosphere was divine. And the pumpkin roll ... can't forget the pumpkin roll.)

The lack of photos of "Kaylee enjoying her first Thanksgiving dinner" can be attributed to the fact that A) she mainly just grazed on whatever was around, and B) I was too busy stuffing my face to pick up the camera.
Kaylee wasn't too sure what to make of Uncle Steve. After all – he's HUGE.

But after an extensive background and dental check she decided he was good enough to take her afternoon nap with.

Uncle "Ladykiller" kept the girls entertained for much of the afternoon.

It takes a small army to pull off the photo for GG's annual Christmas letter.

I'm not sure if GG was saying "Kids, look that way" or
"You – with the camera. You better not mess this up."

Some photo problems are easy to take care of digitally these days.
However, some still require a bit of physical labor.

Four minutes and 50 photos later we were back inside
– and praying we got a good shot.

Shy little Kaylee actually spent much of the day with Dad's lady friend Cindy. She's a nice person – but suffers from the inability to physically keep her eyes open while I am pointing a camera at her.


Cindy said...

Let us take a moment to examine this photo, shall we? (from right to left) James- glasses from the 8th grade are so small he must look over rather than through them. GG is fascinated by the photo of her great-grandchildren (as she well should be), beautiful Kaylee is amazed that Grandpa's "nice lady friend" is stuffing popcorn snacks in her bra. Ah, Michael, your photo- journalistic representation of the day...

vized06 said...

I just let the camera tell it how it is.

maggie said...

Could someone please explain why James looks like he's STILL going through his Damien phase?